Deadline for entries is June 30th at 6pm. 

The competition is split into two groups, 2-6 years of age and 6-12 years of age. Winners will be notified by email. Winners will be asked for permission to have their photo taken stood next to the bin in Central Park along with their winning entry.

To enter, simply:-

   - print off the picture of the bin (below)

   - colour in the picture in your choice of colours. Feel free to add accessories using the ones provided below, or
    adding some of your own

   - fill in your details in the boxes provided

   - name your bin

   - take a photo and email to

Bin Competition pic_edited.jpg

Easily resolved - simply send an email to requesting a copy of the forms.

To print a copy of the forms:-
1) using mouse, right click on image
2) select open image in new tab
3) move cursor off the image and right click mouse
3) print


Bin Competition accessories.png
Bin Competition accessories 2.png