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Central Park Peterborough

Central Park, Peterborough

Beauty on your doorstep

Our Aim
To provide opportunities for members of the community of Peterborough to improve and promote the use of, awareness of and care of facilities within Central Park in order to make the park a welcoming, safe and enjoyable place for all.

​​Our Objectives
 - To work in partnership with all statutory, voluntary and business organisations to help manage and generally look after Central Park in a manner that will enhance its value to the community.
- To support changes which will benefit visitors to the park and the flora and fauna living within the park.
- To make special efforts to encourage all visitors, children and young people from local schools and youth groups to take an interest in the park; helping people to understand its value in the area and to the community and to show them ways in which good management can enhance this.
- To formulate an annual plan of events and activities.
- To raise awareness of the park, its green space and its profile.
- To preserve the integrity and heritage of the park.

Friends of Central Park

Meet the team

Tony Forster



Judy (2).jpg

Judy Jones


Naidre Werner (2).jpg

Naidre Werner


Bernadette Omondi

Bernadette (4).jpg

Community Liaison Officer

Sue Hessom


Social Media Officer

 Visitor Testimonials

and what they said

"Lovely place to walk the dog and cafe is friendly and cosy".


"Me and my family went on Sunday it was an amazing place, my girls loved the pool and park. Plenty of seating and plenty of shade from the sun if needed. The weather was perfect. Will definitely be going back again." 


"The park is simply beautiful and well kept, I love seeing the squirrels running around. There are lots of things to do if you like activities. A walk around the beautiful park clears my head and makes me feel good".


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